Under The Surface:

Sebastian Eastwood

 is a Psychotherapist  living and working in Somerset, UK

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The Truth About Fulfillment


In this post I explore the human hunger for fulfillment. Why does fulfillment seem so elusive? Is the attainment of it a matter of psychology, philosophy or science? We live in a world populated by self-help literature yet many people remain unfulfilled. In the article I take a look at the mechanics of this perplexing problem. Find it here.



Is Happiness An Illusion?


Is it ever possible to be truly happy? Is therapy the solution to happiness? Are we thinking about happiness in the wrong way? This post seeks to explore these questions.  Find it here.



What The Heck Is 'Normal'?


Over the last century the field of mental health has largely focused on abnormal psychology in an attempt to understand what is happening when things appear to go wrong with us. This outlook presupposes a condition that we could refer to as normal, but what actually is 'normal'? It is an interesting and challenging question because our ideas of normal shape the way we see ourselves and the way in which we treat other people. Find it here.



Living in the Age of Fear


The world today can feel like a pretty scary place. From natural disasters, to petrol prices, terrorists, hoodies...and even foxes - there's plenty to fear out there, but is this fear realistic or is there more to this than meets the eye? In this article I take a sceptical look at the modern Age of Fear. Find it here.



Who Knows What to Believe?


Knowing what to believe about the world around us is a very tricky thing. Often things we used to believe turn out to be false and vice versa. In this two part post I explore this challenging problem. Find it here.



Opinions & Onions


Human beings are always falling out with each other. Often we fall out because of differences of opinion. The crazy thing being that opinions, much like beliefs, are not reality. They are part of a much deeper psychological process. Find it here.





Death reaches us all, but different cultures have different attitudes towards death. In this post I look at the psychology of death and how both you and I might be being affected by it. Find it here.



Why Clowns Are Scary


Many people in society find clowns creepy, in this humorous article I seek to explore why that might be. Find it here.



The Secret Psychology of Smoking


In this post I explore the role of beliefs and auto-suggestion in the experience of nicotine addiction. Could it be that an individual's addiction is made all the more significant by the beliefs they hold about it? Find it here.



How to Control Anxiety


The Internet is awash with tips and advice on how to control anxiety, but is any of this information truly useful? This post explores the nature of anxiety from both an emotional and neurobiological perspective in order to provide the reader with the single most important tool in anxiety management - self insight. Find it here.



How Therapy Works


Therapy can be a complicated process. Understandably many people find it confusing. Is it scary? What does it involve? In this post we explore the basics. Find it here.



The Wacky World of Hypnosis


Hypnosis is one of those things that attracts peoples attention but also arouses their suspicion, bafflement, and even fear. Is hypnosis a useful tool for psychological treatment? Is it dangerous? In this post we look at some the complication and contortions of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Find it here.



Therapy: Your Questions Answered


When you're considering having therapy you can become overwhelmed with all the options and treatments available to you. You can also find yourself wondering who you should be seeing - a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a perhaps psychoanalyst, or someone else? What's the difference?! This article aims to answer some of those questions and hopefully clear up any confusion. Find it here.